Overview: What are the Hypotheses?#

Upon executing a task, Insight presents a set of Hypotheses immediately below the Scientific Summary. These hypotheses are AI-generated predictions or assertions based on the accumulated knowledge from the literature reviewed through the executed tasks. Each hypothesis provides a potential avenue for exploration and research in relation to the objective.

Usage: How to Access the Hypotheses on Insight?#

1- Initiate a research objective and access the Scientific Summary by executing a task from the Insight Thoughts.

2- Scroll below the Scientific Summary to view a list of generated hypotheses relevant to the task.

3- Each hypothesis is paired with options to “Generate Experiment” and “Generate Experimental Design”, allowing users to delve further into practical applications of the hypothesis.

Application: Why are the Hypotheses Useful?#

  • Research Exploration: Hypotheses serve as starting points for further research, guiding users towards potential areas of exploration and experimentation.

  • Streamlined Focus: By providing targeted hypotheses, Insight aids researchers in narrowing down their focus, ensuring relevant and impactful exploration.

  • Facilitates Experimental Design: Paired with the options to generate experiments and experimental designs, each hypothesis can be directly translated into actionable research plans.

  • Enhanced Understanding: The hypotheses are grounded in the accumulated knowledge from prior tasks, ensuring that they are built upon a solid foundation of understanding, enhancing the overall research journey.

Engaging with the Hypotheses feature empowers users with potential research trajectories, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their research process. Insight ensures that each hypothesis is not just an assertion, but a potential roadmap to groundbreaking discoveries.