Overview: What is NIH RePORTER?#

NIH RePORTER is an electronic tool provided by the National Institutes of Health to access reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities. It provides crucial information about ongoing funded research, enabling users to learn about the latest research endeavors, discover peer-reviewed but yet unpublished work, and identify potential collaborators.

Usage: How to use NIH RePORTER on Insight#

1- Start with defining an objective as guided in our Getting Started with Insight tutorial.

2- Among the array of tasks available, opt for an ‘NIH RePORTER’ task.

3- If the existing task options don’t align with your needs, or if the chosen task doesn’t yield relevant NIH funded research data, you have the capability to customize your own NIH RePORTER task.

4- Upon executing an NIH RePORTER task, delve deeper by choosing another task to enhance your understanding. This could encompass additional NIH RePORTER tasks or any other suitable tasks.

5- Details from NIH RePORTER will be enlisted under citations for your reference.


NIH RePORTER is indispensable for anyone keen on staying updated with the current panorama of funded research. With its exhaustive database:

  • Get insights into the ongoing research ventures funded by the NIH.

  • Spot peer-reviewed yet unpublished works, providing a sneak peek into emerging scientific narratives.

  • Recognize and connect with potential collaborators, opening doors for future research collaborations.