Overview: What is MYVARIANT?#

MyVariant is a dedicated platform offering aggregated data on genetic variant annotations. By pooling information from multiple sources, it delivers comprehensive details on genomic variants, making it a valuable resource for geneticists and medical researchers.

Usage: How to use MYVARIANT on Insight#

1- Initiate an objective using our Getting Started with Insight guideline.

2- Among the tasks available, choose a ‘MyVariant’ task.

3- If the existing options don’t meet your requirements, or if the selected task doesn’t yield any MyVariant data, you have the option to design your own MyVariant task.

4- After completing a MyVariant task, you can further broaden your scientific insights by selecting another task. This could be an additional MyVariant task or various other tasks.

5- MyVariant references will be listed under citations.


MyVariant is an indispensable tool for genetic research and understanding. Through its consolidated data:

  • Decode the implications of specific genetic variants.

  • Comprehend the relationships between genes, variants, and associated diseases.

  • Stay informed about the latest findings and trends in genetic research.