Overview: What are the Citations?#

Citations represent the references and sources that Insight draws upon to provide data, summaries, hypotheses, and experimental designs. They ensure that the scientific findings and recommendations are backed by peer-reviewed, credible research.

Usage: How to Access the Citations on Insight?#

1- After running a task and reviewing outputs such as the Scientific Summary or Experimental Design, navigate to the “Citations” section located at the bottom.

2- Here, you will find a list of articles and publications that Insight utilized to generate its conclusions.

Application: Why is the Citations Useful?#

  • Credibility: Citations offer a guarantee that the data and recommendations provided by Insight are rooted in existing scientific research.

  • Further Reading: For researchers keen on diving deeper into specific topics or findings, citations provide direct links to the original articles.

  • Transparency: Citations enable users to understand the primary sources of the information, ensuring complete transparency in the research process.

  • Updated Information: With access to up-to-date publications, Insight ensures that the most recent and relevant research informs its outputs.

By integrating the Citations feature, Insight strengthens the depth and reliability of its research outputs, ensuring that users remain informed and confident in the research journey.