Overview: What is ClinicalTrials?#

ClinicalTrials is a web-based resource maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It offers comprehensive information on both privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted across the world, covering a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Usage: How to use ClinicalTrials on Insight#

1- Begin with an objective using our Getting Started with Insight guideline.

2- From the array of tasks, select a ‘ClinicalTrials’ task.

3- If the present selections don’t meet your needs, or if the chosen task doesn’t produce any clinical trial data, you’re empowered to create your personalized ClinicalTrials task.

4- After running a ClinicalTrials task, you can expand your knowledge base by opting for another task, which could include further ClinicalTrials tasks or different tasks.

5- Clinical trial details will be available for review and citation.


ClinicalTrials is pivotal for researchers and medical professionals alike. Through its extensive database:

  • Discover ongoing, upcoming, and past clinical trials for specific diseases or conditions.

  • Understand the landscape of clinical research for particular treatments or interventions.

  • Keep abreast with the newest clinical trials, interventions, and results in the medical world.