Welcome to Insight!#

Insight is an AI-powered platform that redefines medical research. Using peer-reviewed publications, it streamlines literature reviews, formulates hypotheses, and aids in experimental design.

Beyond that, Insight can assist in writing research papers and preparing grant applications, all supported by the latest scientific data.

As Insight evolves with each cycle, it blends AI precision with human expertise, making modern research more efficient and impactful.

πŸš€ Why Insight?#

Unlike other platforms, Insight is rooted in peer-reviewed knowledge, ensuring findings are trustworthy and free from erroneous conclusions. Its unique training allows for robust, non-hallucinatory outcomes and offers immediate access to citations.

This all-encompassing support system transforms the research process, ensuring scientists are both informed and efficient, making Insight an invaluable ally in the medical research landscape.

That’s where Insight comes in.

🧠 How can Insight help?#

Insight provides the following tools:

  • Literature Connectors draw from an extensive repository of peer-reviewed publications, ensuring your research is backed by the latest findings.
    • Pubmed

  • Data Insights offer a deep dive into specific genes through MyGene and mutation intricacies via MyVariant.
    • MYGENE


  • Hypothesis Formulator crafts and refines potential research directions based on existing literature.

  • Experimental Design Assistant guides the creation of robust and credible research methodologies.

  • Grant Database Explorer leverages the Reporter API, opening doors to a vast world of NIH funded grants, streamlining grant application processes.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Who is Insight for?#

Insight caters to everyone within the medical research spectrum, from budding researchers to seasoned experts.

Beginners can seamlessly tap into our resources, while advanced users can delve deeper, tailoring tools to their unique needs.

Getting Started#

Our documentation includes a Starter Tutorial to run your first objective.


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