Key Features#

Researcher Discovery:#

This aspect provides a clear overview of researchers and their respective funded projects. It’s an efficient way to understand the current landscape of research professionals and their areas of expertise.

Real-Time Updates:#

The integration ensures that the information from NIH Reporter is always current. As NIH updates its database, these changes are immediately reflected within Insight.

Detailed Grant Overviews:#

For each grant, Insight provides an encompassing view, detailing the funding amount, the length of the project, its specific research objectives, and any linked publications.

Grant Recommendations:#

Utilizing the power of AI, Insight analyses user’s research preferences and search history to suggest relevant NIH grants, offering a more personalized exploration experience.

Benefits of NIH RePORTER Integration#

By combining Insight’s AI capabilities with NIH Reporter’s exhaustive grant database, researchers are equipped with a powerful tool that:

  • Saves time in grant discovery.

  • Aids in identifying potential funding opportunities.

  • Facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Enhances the overall research design and direction through grant insights.