Getting Started with Insight#

Welcome to the Insight getting started guide! If you’re new to the platform or simply looking for a refresher, you’re in the right place. By the end of this guide, you will be able to define a research objective and have Insight conduct a literature review, formulate hypotheses, and aid in the design of an experiment.

🚀 Quick Start: Running Your First Objective#

Accessing Insight:#

  • Visit the Insight platform. No need to log in if you’re just browsing!

  • If you’d like to save your previous objectives or maintain a personalized dashboard, register for an account and login in.

Define Your Research Objective:#

  • Navigate to the dashboard and select ‘New Objective’.

  • Input your research question or statement into the provided field.

Initiate Literature Review:#

  • Choose ‘Literature Connectors’ and select ‘PubMed’ as the source.

  • Insight will automatically review the literature using the PubMed API and present relevant papers.

Task Formulation and Hypothesis Generation:#

  • Based on the literature review, Insight will generate tasks that can be executed in PubMed, MyGene, MyVariant, or NIH RePORTER.

  • Select a task to view generated hypotheses.

  • Choose a hypothesis you’d like to work with.

Experiment Design:#

  • Navigate to ‘Experimental Design Assistant’.

  • Use the chosen hypothesis to shape your experimental design.

  • Follow the guided steps to formulate a comprehensive and robust experiment.